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District Hosts Summer Festive Meet and Greet

Collage of students at the 'Popsicles with Your Principal' meet and greet event thumbnail197159

The district introduced its new Cherry Lane Elementary School Principal Lauren Moriarty to community members by hosting a Popsicles with Your Principal meet and greet event.

Students, parents and families all met on the school playground where ice pops were served. The event was broken up into two sessions, with the first for kindergarten families and the second for first and second grade families. Ms. Moriarty was able to meet and speak with each individual student and family, while students and parents reconnected with one another.

In addition to this event, the district also hosted meet and greets for its new Director of Athletics Ty Scarlett and new Director of STEM Laura Snell. Both administrators met with students, student-athletes, coaches, parents, teachers and other staff members.