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Intergenerational Concert

Intergenerational Concert photo

Carle Place Middle School/High School once again hosted its annual Intergenerational Concert, a cooperative effort between Cherry Lane music teacher Audrey Wilkins, Rushmore Avenue School music teacher Henry Stanziale, MS/HS chorus teacher Jessica Younker and the Carle Place Senior Center’s Senior Citizen Choir.

The Senior Citizen Choir joined the first-grade chorus from Cherry Lane, the sixth-grade chorus from Rushmore Avenue and the high school Select Chorus for this special event. The respective choral groups took their turns on stage performing holiday and seasonal classics for one another and even collaborated on one special song. 

After the program, senior citizens stayed to mingle with students and friends in the cafeteria.

Holiday Bazaar Teaches Kids to Shop Wisely

Holiday Bazaar Teaches Kids to Shop Wisely photo

At Cherry Lane School, students are practicing financial literacy by authentically shopping for the holiday season!  Parent volunteers from the Cherry Lane PTA organized a Holiday Bazaar to help teach students to shop wisely by staying within a set budget. At the cashier’s table, students exchanged their money for gifts to give to family members and friends.  There will be many happy recipients!

Coding All the Way to Grandmother’s House

Coding All the Way to Grandmother’s House photo
Coding All the Way to Grandmother’s House photo 2
For National STEM Day (November 8th) first graders practiced coding by creating a code to get the pie to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. First, the students had the opportunity to build their “unplugged" codes on a giant mat. They then mapped out codes of their own using the Seesaw app and tested their codes together.  It was an exciting introduction to coding!

Second-Graders Make a Great Escape

Second-Graders Make a Great Escape photo

Second-graders at Cherry Lane School demonstrated critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication while they worked in groups to virtually escape their classrooms. This task required the students to problem-solve, piece together clues, overcome virtual obstacles and exercise perseverance in making their escape!

“It was fun and challenging,” said Brooke, a Cherry Lane second-grader.

Fall Fun at Harvest Fair

Fall Fun at Harvest Fair photo

Students at Cherry Lane School recently enjoyed some autumn in-school fun during the annual Harvest Festival. Classes enjoyed a haystack maze that provided fun prizes at every corner, as well as a pumpkin patch and pumpkin decorating table. Students also had the opportunity to try their hand at some “Great Pumpkin” golf and a good old-fashioned ring toss as well.


A Unifying Event

A Unifying Event photo
A Unifying Event photo 2
A Unifying Event photo 3
A Unifying Event photo 4
In observance of Unity Day on Oct. 24 the district hosted activities designed to promote compassion and togetherness, while encouraging all to take a stand against bullying. Students and staff at all three schools wore the color orange, the designated color that signifies unity against bullying. 

At Cherry Lane, students gathered for photos under the school’s “Bully-Free Zone” sign as a reinforcement of solidarity against bullying and other poor decisions. At Rushmore Avenue School, students created a Unity Puzzle comprised of pieces consisting of positive written messages of unity, upstanding and kindness. At Carle Place Middle/High School students signed the Unity Day Pledge, displayed proudly in the front lobby. Throughout the day, inspirational music and quotes were played over the school loudspeaker commemorating the cause and further solidifying the true meaning of the day. 

Kids Get a First-Hand Lesson in Fire Safety

Kids Get a First-Hand Lesson in Fire Safety photo
Kids Get a First-Hand Lesson in Fire Safety photo 2
Kids Get a First-Hand Lesson in Fire Safety photo 3
Kids Get a First-Hand Lesson in Fire Safety photo 4
Kids Get a First-Hand Lesson in Fire Safety photo 5
In recognition of National Fire Safety Awareness Week, members of the Carle Place Fire Department stopped by Cherry Lane Elementary School to provide a hands-on lesson on all aspects of fire prevention and safety.  Students learned what to do in the event of a fire emergency – including the proper way to exit a home or building – and were asked to remind their parents to check their home smoke detectors regularly. They also had the opportunity to get an up-close look at the department’s trucks and learned about how fire apparatus is used to extinguish fires and save lives. Sparky, the department’s cuddly firedog, also made the trip!
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