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Wind Down With Us


Wind Down with Water

Dr. Christine Finn, Superintendent


Wind Down While Walking

Eileen Fredericks, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Personnel


Wind Down with Journaling

Jim Fisher, Chairperson of English and ENL


Wind Down with Scuba Diving

Dr. Bryan Frank, Executive Director of  Educational Technology


Wind Down and Try Something New

Susan Folkson, Principal Cherry Lane School


Wind Down with Mindfulness

Anthony DeBlasio, Director of Guidance


Wind Down with Cooking

Leslie Rubenstein, Chairperson of Social Studies and World Language


Wind Down and Find Your Bliss

Michael Limone, Chairperson of the Fine and Performing Arts


Wind Down with Science

Joseph Maliza, Director of STEMB


Wind Down with 'No Tech'

Allen Foraker, Chairperson of Special Education


Wind Down with Board Games

Catherine Silletti, Principal Rushmore School


Wind Down with Family

Christine Ceruti, Director of Athletics