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General Information

School Hours

8:30am - 3:00pm



Kindergarten    11:05-12:00

Grade 1           12:35-1:30

Grade 2           11:35-12:30


                         Lauren Moriarty, Principal

Welcome to Cherry Lane School

Welcome! Cherry Lane School is an exemplary primary educational facility, located in the Carle Place School District that services 300 students in grades K - 2.  Our remarkable staff is highly dedicated to providing our young learners with a developmentally appropriate, nurturing, child-centered education that addresses the student as an individual. We embrace a mind, brain and education philosophy using the most recent neuroscience research about how the brain learns, coupled with instilling within each of our students, a strong growth mindset which empowers them to have control over their learning through effort and perseverance. Our curriculum is based on the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards and our instruction is data driven.  As a living organization, our professionals strive to remain current with educational trends and research so that your child engages in the most effective educational practices in the classroom. Our wireless facility includes our state-of-the-art Library Media Center housing teaching areas, a readers' theatre, and an extensive collection of materials. Additional learning spaces include a computer lab, gymnasium and friendship garden.  We believe that with a strong home/school partnership, every child could reach his/her fullest potential!


School Goal

Every student has the capability and the right to learn.  Cherry Lane Elementary School exists to provide this opportunity for children in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

The school staff recognizes that the primary goal of education in Cherry Lane School is to meet the educational needs of all our children and instill a love of learning. Most significantly, the following objectives formulate a philosophical basis for attaining this goal.

Our school curriculum is designed to:

  • Develop proficiency with the basic skills
  • Promote responsibility for learning through self-reflection and metacognition
  • Encourage our children to think and learn about their own environment and the interrelationships that exist in a changing world
  • Assist our children in developing aesthetic sensitivities, talents, and skills
  • Instill an appreciation for people of all races, nationalities, and creeds, and to work cooperatively toward common goals.
  • Build an understanding of rights, privileges and responsibilities guaranteed in a form of government and to assume the individual and group responsibility allied with these rights and privileges.



We strive to provide students with an engaging, developmentally appropriate and rigorous standards-based educational program that helps them to grow as individuals and as members of a community. We do this through a strong parent partnership, with exemplary educators and by empowering our students to become life-long learners.


Music Program

Our music program is offered to all students at Cherry Lane. The primary goal of the music program at Cherry Lane is to challenge students to develop a lifelong love and appreciation of music in all of its forms. We continuously strive to challenge the students to a level that exceeds the expectations of the national and the New York State Standards. Students have many opportunities to explore both performance and the other elements of music. Students receive classroom music instruction in analysis, appreciation, composition, and classroom instruments. Our second graders have the opportunity to learn the violin. They receive the individual attention that is needed to succeed in instrumental music as the program is designed so that they receive small group instruction on a weekly basis before the school day begins. Students are given the opportunity to exhibit their singing talents at a multitude of performances throughout the school year.

Art Program

The art curriculum is built on facilitating connections between art and other disciplines. Through the use of interdisciplinary lessons and attention to artist appreciation, students can begin to see the importance of the arts inside and outside the classroom. Students are given the opportunity to explore a variety of artistic materials while developing their own sense of creativity. In all areas of the art curriculum students are also given the chance to reflect on their process as an artist. The idea of process is essential to all disciplines and is reinforced in their artistic experiences.


In our efforts to promote twenty-first century skills and digital citizenship, technology is an integrated component of instruction at Cherry Lane School. Many units of study that span various curriculum areas incorporate the use of desk top computers, document cameras, ipads, chromebooks and interactive white boards. Students visit the computer lab regularly.  The school has a wireless environment, which enables easy access to internet resources and research.  Throughout the course of the school year, units of study are extended to make learning vibrant and engaging.


After School Activities

Cherry Lane School offers a variety of opportunities for students who attend our school. Staffed by our own teachers, students can participate in a variety programs outside the regular school day.  They include Junior Great Books, STEM and ENL programs.  Additionally, our Cherry Lane PTA coordinates many fabulous after school programs that occur at the school.


Parent Involvement

We believe that in order for students to meet their greatest potential, a strong home/school partnership must be in place.   Parent involvement opportunities include membership in the Cherry Lane PTA, Building Planning Team, and SEPTA (Special Education PTA).  Home/school communication takes place on a regular basis and parents have access to our parent portal to view their children’s school progress.  Additionally, parents are invited to accompany their child on field trips, volunteer for field day, enjoy other school events that highlight their children’s growth and development in the school setting.



Scope Educational Services is a not-for-profit organization that provides school-aged before school and after school child care programs. It has sites operating at both Cherry Lane School and Rushmore Avenue School. For more information please call (631) 360-0800.