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Links for Students


  1. ABCya for 1st Grade
    Practice sight words and alphabetical order.
  2. ABCya Word Clouds
    Designed for students to create 'Word Clouds'
  3. Addition Attack
    Become expertly skilled at math addition facts.
  4. APlus Math
  5. Arcademicskillbuilder 

    “Choose this link to practice Math, Language Arts, Shapes,  Money, Time  & Spelling

  6. Base Ten Numbers
    Make numbers using ones and tens blocks.
  7. Coconut Vowels
    Children must have mastery of vowel pairs. Set for 'slow' speed.
  8. Code Monkey
  9. Code Spark
  10. Colonial Williamsburg
    Learn about how people lived in Colonial times.
  11. Color Patterns
    Complete the bead chain by choosing the correct color.
  12. Concentration
    How good is your memory? Try playing concentration by matching the pictures.
  13. Easter Games
  14. Feed Fribbit Addition and Subtraction
    How well do you know your addition and subtraction facts?
  15. Flower Rectangles
    Click on 4 flowers of the same color to make a rectangle.
  16. Flowers Off the Edge
    Don't let the flowers reach the edge!
  17. Fractions
  18. Fun Brain
    This site offers many educational games for all grade levels!
  19. Give the Dog a Bone
    Can you find the 10 hidden bones on the 1 - 100 number square in less than a minute?
  20. GoMath Grade 1 Games
  21. Grade Level Activities
  22. Highlights Magazine
    Enjoy hidden pictures, games and even have stories read to you!
  23. Hour of Code
  24. Illuminations
    Practice your first grade math skills.
  25. Kodable, Programming for kids
  26. Math Fact Shoot- Out
    Answer the questions to get to the basketball shoot-out.
  27. Math Match
    Turn the cards over to match an equation to the answer. Practice adding and subtracting.
  28. Meteor Addition
    Meteor addition – for children who have a good grasp of math facts. Program should be set for ‘slow’ stage.
  29. Minus Mission
    Subtraction – for children with a good grasp of subtraction facts. Program should be set for ‘slow’ stage.
  30. Multiplication
    Try some of these multiplication games.
  31. Number Eaters
    Play a pac man like game to practice your addition or subtraction facts.
  32. Place Value
  33. Raceway Comparing Number Values
    Collect coins at the raceway after practicing Number Values.
  34. RAZ Kids
  35. Read Aloud Stories
    Listen as the books are read to you!
  36. Shape Sentences
    Create sntences with shapes.
  37. Site Words
  38. Site Word Smash
  39. Sheppard Software
    Hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more!
  40. Sokikom
    Use only if your teacher has created a student account for you to practice math skills.
  41. Spring Memory Match
  42. ST Math
  43. St. Patrick's Day
    Try these St. Patrick's Day themed games.
  44. Starfall
    Play with ABC and reading activities.
  45. Stop the Clock
    Read the time in words and then stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position. What score will you achieve in 10 turns. Set the hand speed to 1 or 2 before you begin.
  46. Stop the Clock 2
    Match the digital times to the times on the analog clocks. How quickly can you match all the clocks?
  47. Syllables
    Practice the basic units of speech sounds.
  48. Tagxedo
    Create word clouds!
  49. Tangrams
    This is an ancient Chinese game. Try to create the shape shown in the upper right corner.
  50. Topmarks - Math
  51. Typing Practice
  52. Trap the Leprechaun
    Try to trap the leprechaun's path.
  53. Vocabulary Spelling City
  54. Weebly
  55. Xtra Math
  56. Zearn (Math Practice)
History of the Frog