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Links for Students

Kindergarten Links


  1. Alphabet Bingo
    Play Bingo and practice finding upper or lower case letters.

  2. Alphabet Match
    Match the pictures to the correct beginning sound.

  3. Alphabet Slider Puzzle  
    Slide the tiles to complete a puzzle for all the letters of the alphabet.

  4. Carnival Go Carts
    Choose the answer that will make your cart move the most spaces.

  5. Connect the Dots - Alphabet
    Connect the dots in ABC order.

  6. Connect the Dots - Counting

  7. Letter Match
    Match upper and lower case letters.

  8. Numerical Order
    Practice putting numbers in the correct order.

  9. Sight Word Bingo
    Choose your grade and play Bingo with Dolch Sight Words.

  10. Sight Word Spelling
    Choose your grade and rearrange the letters to make a word.