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PRE-K Connection


        Pre-K Connection is a special group just for Pre-Kindergarten students and their parents.  Pre-K Connection is a program designed for future Cherry Lane Kindergarten students who will be five years old by December 1, 2019.  This program allows children to take part in many activities designed to help children socialize, learn and become comfortable with the upcoming Kindergarten Experience. Activities will include but not limited to crafts, play, snack, and storytelling.  Pre-K Connection is also a wonderful place for parents to learn information and get to know one another. 

        Pre-K Connection tries to host an event at least once a month.   We also try to schedule our events at various times and days in order to accommodate everyone's schedule.  Children enjoy getting together and have a great time at these events.  Children will make friendships that will last a lifetime.     

 Here is list of some of our Monthly Events!  *(some events vary year to year)

"Meet and Greet" at the Carle Place Park

"Harvest Festival" at the Cherry Lane Playground

"Story Time" at the Westbury Library

"Holiday Story Time" at the Cherry Lane Library

"Music Time & Story Time" at the Cherry Lane Music Room

"Spring Festival" at the Cherry Lane Gymnasium

      Starting Kindergarten is an exciting time for our children but it can also be a bit scary for both parents and children.  Make this an easier transition by joining Pre-K Connection and get to know others who are going through the same emotions! 

    Being a member of our group, you will receive emails about our upcoming events and we will keep you posted on all prevalent information regarding our future Kindergartners.   Email  to find out more and to join.  

     Thank you so much.  Looking forward to seeing you at our future events.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

  ~Pre-K Connection (