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Rushmore Celebrates Music Success

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Students at Rushmore school are hard at work and having fun with music since the start of the school year. They are continuing to learn new instruments, reading music, practicing body percussion and writing rhythmic poems — all while practicing social distancing.

In addition, the school celebrated the Carle Place School District being named a 2020 Best Community for Music Education by NAMM, with music teachers sponsoring a special raffle that earned students tickets for outstanding musical effort. The school also worked with the Rushmore PTA in a spirit wear sale to celebrate its achievements.

Rushmore Hosts Turkey Extravaganza

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Rushmore school students and staff got into the spirit of Thanksgiving with its 2020 Hand Turkey Extravaganza, which was orchestrated by art teacher Mrs. Christine Shelley.

More than 150 turkeys flocked together to be part of the extravaganza. From the traditional to the avant-garde, unicorn turkeys to superheroes, these hand turkeys showcased the creativity of Rushmore Avenue students and staff.

Students Reenact Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

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Cherry Lane Elementary School students in Ms. Alyson Cruz’ class participated in their very own Thanksgiving Day parade.

Ms. Cruz read “Balloons Over Broadway” to the class as a way to kick off the fun activity. The book focuses on the history as well as the process behind creating the giant balloon floats featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Afterward, students designed and crafted their very own balloon float. The day ended with a classroom parade where the students proudly marched with their balloon floats.

‘Track or Treat’ a Huge Success

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The Middle-High School’s National Honor Society organized and hosted a “Track or Treat” event, where members from various clubs and organizations handed out “treats” to younger students and participants within the district.

The clubs involved were the Class of 2024, Drama Club, Environmental Action Club, Italian Honor Society, Key Club, National English Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, SADD, Spanish Honor Society and Student Organization.

Stations were set up around the high school track, as elementary school students and their families walked around for some trick or treat. Everyone dressed up in their Halloween costumes and enjoyed festive music. With around 50 volunteers and more than 200 participants, the event was a huge success, allowing for a safe Halloween amid the circumstances of COVID-19.

First Graders Turned Engineers

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Cherry Lane students in Mrs. Beth Morrow’s first grade class became engineers and designed bridges that could hold at least five grams.

In preparation for the assignment, they read “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” and learned that folktales can contain real world problems. In addition, they learned about different types of bridges, such as arch, suspension and truss, and the various parts of a bridge, including the deck and the piers.

Each student created a set of blueprints and brought their plan to life. They were required to take into consideration the length of the deck and how the length affects the support needed to hold the bridge up.