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Rushmore Girl Scout Supports Heroes with Operation Cookie Drop

Lillian with boxes of cookies thumbnail245934
Lillian at Operation Cookie Drop thumbnail245935
Lillian with military vehicle thumbnail245936
Lillian with serviceman thumbnail245937
Lillian during Operation Cookie Drop  thumbnail245938

Rushmore Avenue fourth grader Lillian Scheidel in Mrs. Santoro and Mrs. Vena’s class, is a proud Girl Scout who makes it her mission each year to get 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies donated to hometown heroes and military troops overseas. She recently accomplished just that by participating in the Girls Scouts' Operation Cookie Drop! Great job, Lillian! We are so proud of you!

Date Added: 5/4/2023

Rushmore Students and Staff Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day

Students reading poetry thumbnail245751

In honor of April being National Poetry Month, students and staff at Rushmore Avenue School celebrated Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 27. Everyone was asked to either locate a poem or write their own and carry it around in their pocket all day. People were encouraged to stop students and staff throughout the day to share their poems with each other. In addition, students who had library class that day participated in a poetry “slam,” where they read their poems or recited them by memory. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of poetry!

Date Added: 5/2/2023

Students Shine Light on Explorers Through History

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Students in Class thumbnail245221
Students in Class thumbnail245222
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Fourth graders in Mrs. Hannah Choi and Mrs. Kate Downey’s class at Rushmore Avenue School recently expanded on their studies of Native Americans and European explorers with an engaging research project.

The students researched topics such as the New World, reasons for exploration, tools used for exploration, explorers and their discoveries and royal sponsors. In addition, the class tied in concepts and strategies that they learned in their English Language Arts Conflict Unit by researching the conflicts that explorers had during their journey. This included crews battling each other (person vs. person), rough waters and diseases (person vs. nature), countries declaring war against each other (person vs. society) and facing hunger and insanity (person vs. self).

Students then wrote their own narrative writing piece, posing as an explorer on their journey to the New World. Once their writing was fully edited and typed, students tea-stained their papers and drew an illustration to display outside our classroom.

Date Added: 4/20/2023

Students Compete in Multiplication Madness Tournament

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Group photo of math tournament winners thumbnail244833

Throughout the month of March, each third grade class at Rushmore Avenue School participated in a Multiplication Madness Tournament. Each student worked hard to study their multiplication facts in preparation for the tournament which culminated in one final winner from each class. The students showcased great teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the tournament. Congratulations to this year’s winners who were awarded a pizza lunch courtesy of the third grade teachers:
Jason Lackner from Mr. Badaracco’s Class
Jolie Purayananth from Mrs. Ryan’s Class
Madelynn Brown from Mrs. Barnao’s Class
Rebecca Mendoza from Ms. DeLaurentis’s Class
Jacqueline Scarpa from Ms. Pruno's Class
Gabrielle Doyle from Ms. Banzer and Mrs. Rubin’s Class

Date Added: 4/6/2023