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Service Learning Project

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For the benefit of future entrants, ENL students were asked to help translate booklets from the Guidance Department into their home language. This service learning activity had brochures translated into four languages and celebrated the many cultures of our community. Thank you to Bartolomeo Zaino (from Italy), Jimmy Ning (from China), Coraly Pierre-Louis (from Haiti) and Francis Parra (from Venezuela) for sharing their bilingual abilities.


Battling for Pompe Disease

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 On Friday, Jan. 31, the Carle Place High School Student Organization and Key Club held an assembly for grades 9 through 12 about their annual Battle of the Classes, Battling for a Cause event.  

This year students will be battling for Duke Children’s (Dr. Kishnani’s Pompe Disease Fund), which is a rare, inherited condition that affects multiple organ systems due to a buildup of glycogen in the body. Money fund-raised will help advance research, develop new therapies and to improve the quality of life for patients. This charity was chosen by the students, who were inspired by the story of Roseann and John Favicchia’s granddaughter Sophia, who is impacted by this disease. This year’s event will take place on Friday, Feb. 28.Online donations can be made by visiting:

Guest Speaker

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On Dec. 19, Mr. Plotkin’s AP Language and Composition, LIU Creative Writing, and ninth grade classes were treated to guest speaker Randy Gordon who is the ex-commissioner of boxing for New York State, a former Olympic athlete, a celebrated author, a sports announcer, a radio personality with a hit show on Sirius Radio, a Hall of Famer, the former editor-in-chief of Ring Magazine, a columnist for two online periodicals and a grandfather of 12. Mr. Gordon began his day teaching the students of AP Language and Composition about media bias, differences between mediums, the powers of persuasion/rhetoric, and his experience as both a member of the media and dealing with the media from his time as commissioner. He then spoke with the students taking LIU Creative Writing regarding getting books published, writing/outlining works, and how to formulate ideas. Lastly, 9th grade students were given a motivational speech, describing how confidence and hard work helped Mr. Gordon to rise above his humble beginnings, respond to incredible setbacks/adversities, and achieve his dreams.
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