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Transportation Information and Forms

Transportation Information

  • ALL requests for transportation to non-public schools must be in writing and submitted, each year, by April 1st of the preceding school year, as per State Education Law.

  • Please complete the form(s) below to submit your request.

  • All transportation requests are filed with the District's Business Office.

  • Bus transportation is provided in accordance with the voter approved mileage limits, as follows:

        *Students in grades K-2 living more than 3/8 of a mile
        *Students in grades 3-6 living more than 1/2 mile
        *Students in grades 7-12 living more than 2 miles

  • Transportation to out-of-district schools is provided up to a 15-mile limit.

  • Pierce Coach provides the in-district transportation and can be reached at 516 621-2210.

Transportation Forms


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