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475 Roslyn AvenueCherry Lane Building Photo
Carle Place, New York 11514

Principal: Ms. Lauren Moriarty

General Office: (516) 622-6402
Health Office: (516) 622-6403
Social Worker: (516) 622-6558

Welcome to Cherry Lane School (click here for Ms. Moriarty’s page)


Scheduler Instructions (English) (Spanish)


Cherry Lane Mission Statement

Our Cherry Lane mission is to cultivate lifelong learners who are creative, cooperative, collaborative and curious problem solvers in a safe and respectful environment. We instill an attitude that embraces challenges and change with the purpose of increasing effort and learning.  


School Goals

Every student has the capability and the right to learn. Cherry Lane Elementary School exists to provide this opportunity for children in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

The school staff recognizes that the primary goal of education in Cherry Lane School is to meet the educational needs of all our children.  Most significantly, the following objectives formulate a philosophical basis for attaining this goal.  Our school curriculum is designed to:

1) Develop proficiency with the basic skills;

2) Encourage our children to learn about their own environment and the interrelationships that exist in a changing world;

3) Assist our children in developing aesthetic sensitivities, talents, and skills;

4) Help our children achieve individual mental and physical health;

5) Instill an appreciation for people of all races, nationalities, and creeds, and to work cooperatively toward common goals ; and

6) Build an understanding of rights and privileges guaranteed in a form of government and to assume the individual and group responsibility allied with these rights and privileges.


Current News

Elementary Schools Transform to Support Student Success

School Buildings and Classrooms thumbnail237125

Improving our buildings to enhance student learning has remained a priority here in the Carle Place School District as we follow a five-year capital projects plan. As we slowly approach the end of 2022, let’s look back at the amazing renovations that both Cherry Lane School and Rushmore Avenue School have undergone this year.

At Cherry Lane School, construction occurred during the summer months to complete the third and final phase of the school’s reconstruction project. This last phase included the replacement of the old office and corridor windows and the transformation of part of the building’s exterior. Crews worked tirelessly on the reconstruction and building façade replacement for nine classrooms and one resource room. With the final phase now completed, all the classrooms at Cherry Lane School are refurbished from floor to ceiling. Both students and staff are enjoying their fresh new learning environments.

At Rushmore Avenue School, phase six of construction also took place during the summer. Three classrooms received makeovers and are now updated spaces for students to learn and grow in. They feature fresh new paint on the walls, new flooring and more. The school also had two small classrooms added, using space from Rushmore Avenue’s existing computer lab. This has helped maximize instructional space for our students.

Construction did not stop there. The school’s main stairwell at the center of the building was renovated, and more improvement projects were completed on the second floor. The second-floor student restrooms were completely updated and now feature new wall tiles in our Carle Place colors. Part of the second-floor corridor was also updated.

The district plans to continue improving its buildings to not only benefit current students, but future students as well. On Wednesday, Dec. 7, a special vote will take place from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the multipurpose room of the Carle Place Middle/High School, asking the community to vote on an expenditure from the district’s capital reserve fund to continue making basic infrastructure improvements. This money has already been set aside; as such, there is no tax impact associated with using these funds.

If approved, future projects would include the phase seven abatement and reconstruction at Rushmore Avenue School, consisting of second floor classrooms, resource room and related corridor and stairwell areas. Additional improvement projects would include the first-phase replacement of HVAC unit ventilators at Carle Place Middle/High School and several projects at Cherry Lane School – the replacement of the gymnasium roof, ceiling and lighting, along with the replacement of the school’s corridor ceiling and lighting.

Please click here to view more information about the Dec. 7 vote, and please enjoy the slideshow below to see how our buildings have transformed this year.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 11/21/2022

Cherry Lane Students Learn Fire Safety 101

Students around fire safety mascot thumbnail228619

In honor of Fire Prevention Week, Cherry Lane students learned about fire safety from members of the Carle Place Fire Department on Oct. 13 and 14. Over the course of the two days, classes went outside to the front of the school where the firefighters were waiting for them with their firetruck and a smokehouse.

The Cherry Lane students learned about the different equipment and tools that firefighters use and had an up-close look at the firetruck. With the help of the Carle Place firefighters, each student also was able to spray the fire hose.

In addition, the students visited the smokehouse where they discussed fire safety tips and were able to practice what to do during a fire emergency. During the simulation, smoke entered the house and the students crawled to the window. They then safety climbed out with the help of one of the firefighters who was dressed in full bunker gear.

The special visit allowed all of Cherry Lane’s students to familiarize themselves with the role of a firefighter and helped them understand the best ways to stay safe if a fire ever does occur. At the end of the visit, each student received a firefighter hat and a coloring book, courtesy of the Carle Place Fire Department.

Date Added: 10/20/2022