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475 Roslyn AvenueCherry Lane Building Photo
Carle Place, New York 11514

Principal: Ms. Lauren Moriarty

General Office: (516) 622-6402
Health Office: (516) 622-6403
Social Worker: (516) 622-6558


12/6/23 Livestream Link for Intergenerational Concert 1:00 PM

Welcome to Cherry Lane School (click here for Ms. Moriarty’s page)



Scheduler Instructions (English) (Spanish)


Cherry Lane Mission Statement

Our Cherry Lane mission is to cultivate lifelong learners who are creative, cooperative, collaborative and curious problem solvers in a safe and respectful environment. We instill an attitude that embraces challenges and change with the purpose of increasing effort and learning.  


School Goals

Every student has the capability and the right to learn. Cherry Lane Elementary School exists to provide this opportunity for children in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

The school staff recognizes that the primary goal of education in Cherry Lane School is to meet the educational needs of all our children.  Most significantly, the following objectives formulate a philosophical basis for attaining this goal.  Our school curriculum is designed to:

1) Develop proficiency with the basic skills;

2) Encourage our children to learn about their own environment and the interrelationships that exist in a changing world;

3) Assist our children in developing aesthetic sensitivities, talents, and skills;

4) Help our children achieve individual mental and physical health;

5) Instill an appreciation for people of all races, nationalities, and creeds, and to work cooperatively toward common goals ; and

6) Build an understanding of rights and privileges guaranteed in a form of government and to assume the individual and group responsibility allied with these rights and privileges.


Current News

Cherry Lane Students Unite for Global School Play Day

Students in their classroom smiling at the camera. thumbnail255072
Students at Cherry Lane School celebrated Global School Play Day on Feb. 7. Students around the world celebrate Global School Play Day each year. It began in 2015 by educators who were influenced by a TED Talk by Peter Gray about the positive impact that play has on children.

At Cherry Lane, the fun-filled day consisted of unstructured play throughout the school day. Each student was encouraged to bring in their favorite game or toy to play with in the classroom. Students played board games and card games with their peers, created artwork, took on building challenges and engaged in imaginative play. The goal of the day was to foster creativity, imagination and problem solving as students navigated different play opportunities.

Throughout the day, teachers encouraged students to explore and figure out ways to play on their own. It was a great day for the entire school community.

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Date Added: 2/13/2024

Students Explore the Engineering Process

Students in grades K-2 from Cherry Lane School thumbnail254268

Students in grades K-2 from Cherry Lane School have become budding engineers during their library periods with library media specialist Ms. Elizabeth Schaefer-Fokas. Each class was recently challenged to find the most efficient way to get a package from the top floor to the first floor of a warehouse so it could be shipped out. They were split into small groups to work at four different stations.

Each station contained a different activity for students to work on which related back to their problem. Stations included Design a Marble Run, Engineer a Coaster, Duplo Maze, Dominoes and KEVA Planks. Students brainstormed, designed and built their solutions for the inquiry activity. After they tested their solutions, they worked on improving their designs. Using their Chromebooks, the students took photos and videos of their designs with the Seesaw application. The digital files were then put into each students’ online portfolio of work.

At the end of each class period, students reunited and discussed what challenges they ran into while doing their specific activity. They also reviewed the engineering process which includes asking what the problem is, imagining a solution, planning, creating and improving. This positive learning experience allowed students to analyze problems and find solutions through creativity and critical thinking.

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Date Added: 1/22/2024