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475 Roslyn AvenueCherry Lane Building Photo
Carle Place, New York 11514

Principal: Mrs. Susan Folkson

General Office: (516) 622-6402
Health Office: (516) 622-6403
Social Worker: (516) 622-6558

Welcome to Cherry Lane School


Cherry Lane Mission Statement

As a primary school, we seek to impart a respect for the world, a body of academic information, a mastery of basic skills and a joy in learning so that growth continues beyond the school day and beyond the school years.

Since we want our pupils to develop and expand their innate intellectual, physical and creative abilities, we also assist them in acquiring the sense of self-worth and the self-discipline necessary for such an accomplishment.

Furthermore, since our school is a reflection of the community and the country as a whole, we constantly evaluate our curriculum to make certain that they reflect changing needs.

Finally, we seek to provide programs for all students on all levels of the educational spectrum.


  Important Information

Current News

Mastering Literacy

 Mastering Literacy photo
Students at Cherry Lane are participating in the Daily 5, a new literacy initiative designed to promote responsibility and students’ ownership over their learning.

As part of the program, students have been collecting data on how long they are able to sustain reading independently, in addition to learning how to read with a partner and have a conversation about their reading. The initiative is also comprised of activities including “Work on Writing” and “Listen to Reading.”

Walking to Learn

Walking to Learn
As part of their social studies lessons about communities, second-graders at Cherry Lane took a neighborhood walk to gather evidence to answer the question, “What makes our community a suburban community?” They also conducted research and learned about the differences among rural, suburban and urban communities. Their data was then displayed and shared with younger students at Cherry Lane.

Picking Pumpkins

  As part of its annual Harvest Festival, students at Cherry Lane  picked pumpkins from a pumpkin patch. With Superintendent of Schools Dave Flatley joining in the fun of the autumn staple, students then decorated their picked pumpkins and played carnival games. The event was a festive precursor to Halloween and provided students with the opportunity to showcase their creativity.

Math Lab

Math Lab
The Math Lab at Cherry Lane is teaching students to think quantitatively and abstractly as they develop an inquiry relationship with math. The program is based on the power of mindsets, and students work together to complete math-related tasks that are often representative of real-world issues and applications. Students are also learning that anyone is able to do well in math, and that positive and productive struggles while engaged in mathematics are where they will ultimately grow as mathematical thinkers.