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475 Roslyn AvenueCherry Lane Building Photo
Carle Place, New York 11514

Principal: Mrs. Susan Folkson

General Office: (516) 622-6402
Health Office: (516) 622-6403
Social Worker: (516) 622-6558

Welcome to Cherry Lane School

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Cherry Lane Mission Statement


Our Cherry Lane mission is to cultivate lifelong learners who are creative, cooperative, collaborative and curious problem solvers in a safe and respectful environment. We instill an attitude that embraces challenges and change with the purpose of increasing effort and learning.  


School Goal


Every student has the capability and the right to learn.  Cherry Lane Elementary School exists to provide this opportunity for children in a safe, secure and supportive environment.


The school staff recognizes that the primary goal of education in Cherry Lane School is to meet the educational needs of all our children.  Most significantly, the following objectives formulate a philosophical basis for attaining this goal.  Our school curriculum is designed to:


1) Develop proficiency with the basic skills;


2) Encourage our children to learn about their own environment and the interrelationships 

  that exist in a changing world;


3) Assist our children in developing aesthetic sensitivities, talents, and skills;


4) Help our children achieve individual mental and physical health;


5) Instill an appreciation for people of all races, nationalities, and creeds, and to work 

  cooperatively toward common goals ; and


6) Build an understanding of rights and privileges guaranteed in a form of government and

    to assume the individual and group responsibility allied with these rights and privileges.







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Current News

Students Virtually Welcome Author

Students Virtually Welcome Author 1 thumbnail182069
Students Virtually Welcome Author 2 thumbnail182070
Students Virtually Welcome Author 3 thumbnail182071
Students Virtually Welcome Author 4 thumbnail182072
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The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop the Cherry Lane Elementary School from hosting its annual author meet-and-greet, as students were treated to a visit virtually.

Sponsored by the school’s PTA, teachers and students zoomed in with Michigan author Maria Dismondy. They were introduced to her books and learned about what it’s like to be an author and how she develops her ideas.

Cherry Lane Promotes Reading Through Weeklong Activities

Cherry Lane Promotes Reading Through Weeklong Activities photo thumbnail181676

Students at Cherry Lane school transformed into book worms, as they participated in weeklong activities that promoted and celebrated Read Across America from March 1-5.

Coordinated by reading teachers Mrs. Danielle Emmel and Ms. Kasey Krug, the activities began with a virtual read-a-thon, where all classes zoomed one another and collected stamina data. On Tuesday, students read “silly” books and dressed in silly outfits. On Wednesday, the theme of the day asked students to pay attention to the words around them, as they wore shirts with words on them.

In addition, kindergarten teacher Mrs. Leigh Malinsky coordinated a schoolwide virtual BINGO event on Thursday, where School Principal Mrs. Susan Folkson was the BINGO caller. Students created their own BINGO boards, practiced writing numbers and strengthened their knowledge on place value concepts and number recognition.

To complete the weeklong celebration, students were extremely excited to dress as their favorite character or person in a fiction or nonfiction book on Friday. They brought in their books to show to the class.

Cherry Lane Celebrates 100 Days of School

Cherry Lane Celebrates 100 Days of School thumbnail181299

Students and staff at Cherry Lane school celebrated the district’s 100th day of school with a variety of fun filled activities.

In addition to doing 10 sets of 10 exercises at the 100th minute of the100th day, students also manipulated numbers to make 100. Second graders from Mrs. Mary Donnelly’s class wore shirts with numbers and then used addition and subtraction to create true number sentences that equal 100. Ms. Katherine Hesterberg’s kindergarten students displayed posters of 100 items organized in groups, which demonstrated an understanding of place value. Mrs. Theresa Collalto’s first graders added pizza toppings to their slices of pizza and displayed them with fractions and percentages.

Kindergartners Commemorate The Year Of The Ox

Kindergartners Commemorate The Year Of The Ox photo thumbnail180850

Lunar New Year was in full swing at Cherry Lane school, as kindergartners celebrated the year of the Ox by learning about the holiday’s traditions.

They learned that those who participate in these festivities clean out their homes, wear red and eat special foods, such as oranges, as a symbol of good luck. Students were also introduced to the Kamishibai, which is the ancient art of Japanese theater and storytelling. They listened to the story about how the Chinese zodiac animals are placed in the order that is now known.